Night of Jazz Guitars

The Quadriga of jazz guitar

Chamber music? Without any doubt! Consciousness of tradition? Definitely! Courage to be innovative? Yes, indeed! Team spirit? Of course! Soloist individuality? Can’t do without it! Thus, same procedure as any time when guitarists get together in a jazz context? Under no circumstances!


For Helmut Kagerer, Paulo Morello, Andreas Dombert and guest star Larry Coryell their teamwork means much more than a blue print of the formula “Great Guitars”. These gentlemen define the pure distillation of their stringed work, the intermingling of ideas and chords in a completely new way. Not only in terms of the line-up. Since in modern jazz you have to examine the scene with a fine-tooth comb if you look for a guitaristic quartet. Here four excellent virtuoso and visionary players unify their strength for a fearless high wire act, for exiting and electrifying dialogues. They built an elaborated dramaturgy with plenty of space to improvise. These „four musketeers“ know each other, also know their limits and how to gain more possibilities beyond these limits with every live show the play. When they act on stage you witness adventures which captivate musicians as well as audience. Never before has jazz guitar experienced such a mighty renaissance.

Four individualists with distinct personalities melt together for a creative power station and provide new steam for the often cited magic of the strings. These are four outstanding instrumentalists, representing four generations rooted in four different directions. They find a common grounding in standards and original compositions, and they create a very special, warm and breathtaking music which is seldom found in these days.

New CD: Night of Jazz Guitars

with Larry Corryell, Helmut Kagerer, Paulo Morello and Andreas Dombert

Night of Jazz Guitars  CD Cover

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